How to Find Models for Your Music Videos in India

Music Videos are very popular in India. we see a lot of music videos released every day.  However, finding the right models for music videos is not an easy job for many people. When you are producing a Music Video and need some models to cast.  A most common way of finding models used by People is to ask in their friend circle and inquire about any model.

However,  in today’s digital era, Music Video model requirements can be easily fulfilled by using digital platforms. Here are few tips for you to find Models and Actors for your Music Videos or Any related project.


Find Models on Castkro:

Castkro.Com(Free Service) is one of the most convenient places to find the right models and actors for your music video project. According to recent statistics, there are more than 50, 000+ models registered on this platform from various parts of India.

How to find the right models for your project on castkro:

  • Use filters on Find Talent Page, such as Gender, Lower Age, Upper Age, Location, etc
  • Use Artist title if you are looking for specific kind of people such as Models, Actors, Scriptwriters, n etc
  • Use Skills Filter to match the candidates who have mentioned, required skills in their profile.

How to Get Started:

  • Register yourself as Casting Director on the platform
  • Post New Job by logging in to your account
  • Check the Application Manager regularly for new applications
  • OR Go to Find talent and select any profile, you will see the artist’s phone number and email address

Modelling Agencies:

Modelling agencies can provide you with the models for your requirements, however, they charge a good chunk of money for that. Modeling agencies can be a good choice if you don’t find models from other digital platforms. They usually have a very limited number of models associated with them, but they can help if your project is not that big.

How to Find Modeling Agencies:

  • Search on Google with terms like “modelling agencies in XX(City name)”

Search on Instagram for Local Models:

Instagram can be your good friend if you looking for local models. you can search for the models from your nearby areas. and check if they match your role requirements

How to Find Models on Instagram:

  • Search for the right model
  • Direct message them or Email them to the given email address
  • Offer them respectable pay for their work

Offer the Respectable Money for work:

Everybody wants to get paid for their hard work.

If you are looking for some quality models make sure to offer them a respectable amount for their hard work


In Conclusion, may be your best friend if you are looking for quality models for your project, they provide their service free of cost. if you don’t find suitable people on the castkro platform, you can look for the models on Instagram or Ask to the Modeling agencies.

If you have any questions or queries, let me know in the comment section.



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