How to become Successful Actor/Model in India

The first and foremost step to becoming an actor in India is self-evaluation. There is a need to understand own desires and likings. To become an actor in India require self-confidence and daily practices of acting modeling etc. The first step to take is getting auditions. You can apply for every casting director in your hometown or nearby places. Auditions for small theater productions are normally held locally so you can attend them very easily. 
Here are some tips to become a successful actor in India.
a) Build a portfolio- Have 8 to 11 professional photographs taken and make an audition tape or DVD that shows your acting, singing, and dancing skills
b) Learn to dance-Join dance classes through online videos or with a private instructor.
c) Take singing lessons- More and more voice teachers are offering lessons over the phone or via Skype. If you don’t know of any teachers in your area, consider taking online lessons as an option. If you want true stardom, your voice will have to be a gem
d) Get professional training in movement and acting- The more time you get in front of the camera, the better. But onstage in front of a live audience is good, too.
e) Physical fitness– Physical fitness can be done through aerobics, gyming, martial arts, etc. One must work for his best shape and body.
f) Networking – Networking can be achieved through participating in the events in which casting directors, filmmakers participate. One should try to connect online or online with professionals. Start building your contacts in the industry by creating your profile on social media Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.
g) Apply for Acting Auditions – Auditions show talent in the one who is participating. The audition requires self-confidence, self-awareness, flexibility, and personality.
h) Use Social Media – Social media is used to build relationships with the professionals such as casting directors, filmmakers, photographers, and singers, etc.
i) Have good Dancing Skills – Dancing skill is an integral part of becoming an actor. One must always practice dancing by joining a dance class or academy or hiring a personal tutor.
j) Work on yourself– In this acting field, it’s very important how you present yourself. To become a successful actor in India, one needs to take care of his looks and body structure. Join gyming and aerobics for developing a good and hot body.
k) Be a role model– To become an actor in India, become a role model for your local area audience and become their choice of fashion.
l) Participate in Modeling Shows:- You can do modeling shows, so that audience can recognize your face and can become your fan.
m) Take Acting Classes:- If anyone is very serious about becoming an actor in India, he must enroll himself in acting classes. Acting classes play a very significant role in becoming an actor.
n) Be consistent:- Consistency helps in achieving goals and keep oneself motivated therefore, consistency plays a very important role in becoming an actor in India.
0) Join an Online Platforms for Film Industry: Joining an online platform can be a great help as you can find acting jobs, modeling jobs, etc all through your phone or laptop. Castkro is a free and very convenient platform for artists who are just stepping into the film industry
In conclusion,  becoming an actor in India requires looks of steps, and you have to do a lot of hard work, some of the most important tips include join acting classes, join modeling classes, work on your body, be a role model, be consistent, etc. You can go for auditions, reality shows to gain popularity. 
If you have any questions and need help, pls put down your question or query below.

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